Friday, October 14, 2011

What kind of lesbian should I be tonight?

So today is one of those blah and gray days in the Grey Space. I’m ADD and I can’t seem to figure out what I want to post about. I need to put my dancing shoes on a release some nervous energy!

After yesterday’s Effing Dykes blog, I am going to be much more cognizant of my dancing when I go out tonight! I definitely dance like a lesbian, but what kind of lesbian should I be tonight?

Should I femme it up in a sexy black number, or butch it down and break out a tie, a vest, and/or some suspenders? I was thinking I’d go with something in between, but every time I do something like this, I get a “what’s with the tie?” or “what’s with the heels?” from all of my gay friends. What’s this all about?

Where have all the stemmes gone? I personally love to play in the land between the stud and the femme—it’s more in line with my personality. And to me, there’s nothing more provocative than a woman in a shirt and tie with her hair down, spilling over her shoulders, sporting that Diane Keaton in Annie Hall look—it’s freaking hot. Some of my biggest celebrity crushes would make beautiful men and handsome women. Hear are a few examples:

 Daniela Sea from The L Word. Her role as a trans man was ground-breaking. And it always seemed a little warm in the room when I was watching her...
 Even if Halle Berry doesn't know it, she'd be such a pretty boy!
 KD Lang. Needs no introduction. Jezus she's hot.
 Kiyomi McKloskey -- Lead singer & lead guitar for Hunter Valentine

 And, of course, Twiggy.

Androgyny is fucking erotic as hell. So tonight, I encourage all of the lezzies out there to embrace that confused in-between place that makes us wish that pretty boy we see walking down the street were a woman (this happens to me all the time!) Unleash the stemme within, play with gender roles, fuck with people’s heads! It’s my favorite thing to do, it makes me feel incredibly sexy, and it will make you feel untouchable. It’s also one of my favorite man-be-gone tricks ;-)

Get out on that dance floor, put your thigh between her legs, and let her grab onto your tie. Or your suspenders. Or let her take off your fedora. Androgyny. Two words. Positively fuckable.

Peace and love and bugs named Doug,

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